Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CWPT Comes Through Again!

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT), which is America's largest nonprofit battlefield preservation organization, recently announced that it will invest over $2 million in preserving a portion of the Chancellorsville battlefield in Virginia. The 85 acre area, known as the Wagner Tract, is significant in that it is where Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson led his legendary flanking maneuver on May 2, 1863, turning the tide of the battle in favor of the South.

CWPT strives to protect important locations, and this area is arguably one of the most historically significant tracts of land ever preserved by the group. Three years ago, CWPT purchased the Slaughter Pen Farm at Fredericksburg, Virginia.

By purchasing and preserving these landmarks, CWPT extinguishes the possibility of commercial growth in these areas. Because it is purchasing the land now, CWPT is able to take advantage of state funded grants, as well as federal matching grants. Anyone interested in contributing $100 or more will be honored with a plaque on the battlefield site. If interested, please visit CWPT's website at http://www.civilwar.org/battlefields/chancellorsville/chancellorsville-2009/.

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