Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Subject Near and Dear to My Heart

Last Tuesday, a hearing was conducted in regard to establishing a casino in Gettysburg. It amazes me that this toxic topic keeps surfacing, and that some die-hards just won't take no for an answer. Is there no shame? I mean, really?

Gettysburg, in my opinion, is hallowed ground, and the thought of building a casino so close to the entrance of the park makes my skin crawl. It is sacrilege, nothing less. Many people made appearances via video at the hearing, including Ken Burns, Matthew Broderick, Jeff Shaara, President Eisenhower's granddaughter, and other famous, as well as not-so-famous, personalities.

Quoting the Civil War Preservation Trust's Facebook page: "The developer of a proposed casino Tuesday called this historic community the 'last untapped gaming marketplace' in Pennsylvania and contended that his casino would rejuvenate the area's recession-ravaged economy while respecting its rich history and tradition." Um, excuse me, but I live close to Tunica, Mississippi, which is one of the largest gaming areas in the country. Needless to say, casinos have not helped the economy here. The economy sucks all over! So by stating that it will help Gettysburg's economy is nothing less than blarney. As far as tainting the town, that's a given. If allowed, casinos will only mar Gettysburg's charming character.

Please do what you can to disallow this from happening. Visit and to voice your opinion.

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