Friday, November 12, 2010

Battle of Collierville

This weekend, a reincarnated event will take place near Collierville, Tennessee. The reenactment of the Battle of Collierville will again be held at Piperton Hills, the former Twin Hills Ranch, which is 2.5 miles southeast of Collierville on Hwy. 72. this reenactment was previously put on hold, but after experiencing success last year, the 51st Tennessee Infantry, the Wigfall Greys SCV, the Forrest SCV, R E Lee SCV, and Bankhead’s Battery decided to stage the event again this year.

Last year's event was nearly called off because of heavy rainfall the week before, but this year has been dry, and so there is no question about whether the reenactment will take place. Make plans to attend this event, because it is one of the most realistic reenactments in Tennessee, complete with approximately 600 reenactors, cavalry horses, artillery, and a fort.

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