Friday, May 29, 2009

Treasure Hunting in the Backyard

The other day, my husband was digging in the garden, when he discovered an old piece of metal. Immediately, he assumed it was a piece off a Civil War cannon, and took it to his friend, who is the curator at the Tunica museum. Sadly, it wasn't as he'd thought. The round piece of metal was more likely a bearing from a piece of farm machinery, and was probably about forty years old.

It wouldn't be unusual to find Civil War relics buried around here, however. Lots of people do it, and have success doing it as well. You just have to know the right place to look, and have a high-powered metal detector. Minie balls constantly rise to the surface. Unfortunately, they are becoming more difficult to come by. I was told that back in the 60's, Shiloh Military Park allowed civilians to go in and search for relics. They don't condone the practice any longer, but there are many old campsites, prison sites, and battlefields in Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and elsewhere that have been left undisturbed to treasure hunters. The locals like to keep these places a secret, but if you're lucky and obtain permission, perhaps you can discover a treasure.

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