Thursday, July 9, 2009

Civil War Fever

Everyone knows about Civil War reenactments that take place annually nationwide, but did you know that there are Civil War bubble gum cards? The list goes on, from books to blogs to collectors shows. There are Civil War plays, musicals, and plenty of ceremonies in honor of Civil War heroes.

More books have been written about Lincoln that any other American. There are books about Civil War cooking, in both the North and the South, non-fiction books about every battle imaginable, and novels, although they are not as common.

The Civil War lives on in living history encampments, artillery demonstrations, and musical gatherings. There are period dances, Civil War newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. And, of course, there is an unlimited supply of Civil War paraphernalia, such as calendars, clothing, costumes, clocks - you name it. With all the fascination surrounding the War Between the States, is it any wonder that our country will celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary to the hilt?

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