Friday, August 28, 2009

And Yet Another "Comedian Turned Critic"

Wednesday night on the Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien hosted Bill Maher, who proceeded to express his views on how he thinks America is stupid. He said that Obama is too concerned with his own popularity to push through his universal health care plan, of which Maher is obviously a fan. But the words I found offensive were his summation of America's Two-Party System: the Democrats, who defend banks, credit card companies, big agriculture and pharmaceutical lobbies, and the "fringe party" Republicans, who include religious lunatics and Civil War reenactors who "take their orders from Rush Limbaugh."

Excuse me? Civil War reenactors? Really Bill? I meet a lot of these people, and they certainly don't fall into the category you put them in! They can't be grouped as all being religious, Christian nevertheless, of which Bill is verbally opposed, or being Republican. This statement is unjust, and I'm here to protest. I'm sorry, but I don't hear any criticism about Renaissance Festival participants, or people who enjoy any other hobby, for that matter. What about Trekies? Aren't they fanatics as well?

The political stigma that is attached to Civil War reenactors, especially Confederate reenactors, is repulsive to me, and only goes to show true ignorance. Assuming such negative associations is at the very least unfair, anti-American even. Is it wrong for us to celebrate who we are today by reenacting the suffering that occurred in our great nation's history? You complain that America is stupid, Bill. Well, to disable living history would be an educational crippler, too. How else can people really learn about historical significance besides taking the time to study it themselves? Experiencing what it was like by interaction is far more interesting and entertaining. And you being an entertainer, Bill, should agree: isn't that what it's all about?

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