Monday, September 21, 2009

Event Canceled

Last Saturday I was planning on attending the reenactment of the Battle of Farmington near the town of Corinth, Mississippi. However, because of heavy rainfall, the event was canceled. This is always a disappointment, because I look forward to seeing all the reenactors, as well as civilians dressed in Victorian attire. And because I'm a horse freak, I love to see the horses, too.

I'm still learning about Southern culture, and one thing I've found, at least in this area, is that when something like the weather happens, they like to cancel events. Not postpone them, not delay them, just flat out cancel them. This has happened on several occasions, but I think the worst scenario was a big reenactment scheduled here in Mississippi that was canceled for political reasons. It was the reenactment of the Battle of Corinth, but for some reason, this year they decided it wasn't politically correct to have "Confederates" do battle on farmland that apparently has been used for such an event before.

Stranger yet is the parade in Ohio that wouldn't allow "Confederates" to march in their Memorial Day parade. Um, excuse me, but I thought this was a free country we lived in! Once again, the confusion arises in that Confederate reenactors are confused with the KKK, or somehow associated with that hate-filled, supremacist organization. It's sad how certain aspects of history can be distorted over time.

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