Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something New All the Time

It's always interesting when a new discovery takes place, especially when it has to do with an event that happened long ago. New discoveries are being made all the time in regard to unknown soldiers whose names have been long forgotten. Old photographs, letters, and documents pertaining to the War Between the States are continually being found. Recently, a photo of President Lincoln at his 2nd inaugural was discovered after it had been filed in the wrong place.

About ten years ago, a local historian/author discovered the identities of several Civil War soldiers who were buried in a mass grave in Warrenton, Virginia. And now a historian in Muscatine, Iowa has discovered the identities of sixty-three soldiers whose names are missing from a monument there.

Not only are the names going to be restored, but the entire monument is as well. The 6'2" white marble statue of the Union soldier atop the monument will be replaced with a granite one, which can tolerate harsh Midwest winters better. The cost for four plaques containing the missing names and the new soldier statue is estimated at around $17,000. The old marble soldier will be displayed at the Muscatine Art Center, and will be included as part of its 2011 Civil War exhibit.

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