Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another Rebel Flag Bites the Dust

Recently, a conflict arose when a mural painted outside the Muvico Theater in Fredericksburg, Virginia received complaints. The painting depicts the United States flag, the Confederate flag, and an eagle. It was intended to symbolize the joining of the two flags into one, but certain individuals expressed their disgruntlement to the manager, who has agreed to paint over the mural with the Virginia state flag.

This is just one more example of ignorant people convincing others to go along with their misdirected angst. Personally, I think the mural's ideal is very noble, but the manager apparently doesn't have the incentive to stand up to these misinformed individuals. Once again, the Confederate flag has been associated with racism, which just isn't the case.

It saddens me deeply to think that the misdirected aggressions of a few can influence the majority, and that those who try to defend the Confederate flag are considered racists. You can't change history, people! Those of us who know the true story behind the War Between the States need to take the initiative to defend the Southern Cause, because we know it was about far more than just slavery.

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