Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Rebel Flag Controversy

On Tuesday, the Boston Globe ran a story about a local school known as the Walpole High School "Rebels." A neighbor has taken it upon himself to display the Confederate flag overlooking the football field, since the flag was done away with in 1994 because it was viewed as an "inappropriate symbol." The chairman of the school board expressed his regret, stating, "We wish this proud Rebel would take it down. It’s unfortunate it was ever used."

The flag is once again being associated with racism, at least to a few who are more concerned with political correctness than they are with team spirit. By disallowing the Confederate flag, members of the school are denying people their unalienable rights.

Also on Tuesday, USA Today published a story, written by DeWayne Wickham, about how the Civil War's root cause was slavery. Wickham concedes that slavery was the primary reason eleven Southern states seceded, and that states' rights really meant the right to keep slaves. "Sectional conflict," according to Wickham, "is a veiled way of describing Southern discontent with the North over whether slavery would be permitted in new states." He also cites several passages in the Confederate Constitution protecting slavery, but what he fails to mention is that the U.S. Senate had already established this in the infamous "Dred Scott" case of 1857.

In my opinion, these two articles merely represent the ongoing limited information that is now ever-present in what is being taught and relayed to us in regard to the War Between the States. However, I leave it up to you to decide. Please visit:


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